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HP F800G Review – On-Board Dashcam

PROS Performance and design Extra alert features to guarantee safety on the road A premium GPS receiver Lengthy power cable HP’s® SuperCar Software CONS The touchscreen can be slow to respond Wi-Fi and Parking Mode not included Not Mac compatible Memory card not included Highlighted Components Day and Night Recording: The HP  F800G’s F1.9 aperture lens combined with […]

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Nextbase 402G Professional Review

Highlighted Components Full HD-recording: Video recording at 1080p resolution paired with a wide 140° viewing angle. Perfectly ensure the Nextbase 402G Professional captures all important data with utmost clarity. From license plates to road signs, record the entire scene. Even when events are not happening directly in front of you. Day and Night Driving Protection: The integration of Night […]

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Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam Review

HD-quality video with Night Vision Loop Recording preserves valuable memory card space Effortless dismount Simple installation and distraction-free driving CONS Poor battery life voids Photo Mode Sensitive buttons and awkward placement Memory card not included Highlighted Components Quality Day and Night Recording with Night Vision: The Nextbase 312GW dashcam records in full 1080p HD. Six layers of glass […]

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5 Best Small Dash Cams – Reviews for 2021

More and more people are now seeking small dashboard cameras for their cars. These smaller versions of dashboard cameras offer a discreet solution, for some of your more traditional cameras that are deemed to be a little bit. Dashboard cameras by nature are usually not a distraction, as they are mounted behind the rearview mirror. Although […]

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