5 Best Small Dash Cams – Reviews for 2022

More and more people are now seeking small dashboard cameras for their cars. These smaller versions of dashboard cameras offer a discreet solution, for some of your more traditional cameras that are deemed to be a little bit. Dashboard cameras by nature are usually not a distraction, as they are mounted behind the rearview mirror.

Although some of your standard cameras on the market can overhang a little from your windscreen, causing a little bit of a distraction and potentially being very dangerous. Small dashboard cameras should offer a distraction-free option, and ensure that no obstructions are in your field of view. Though smaller, they also offer HD video recording and all the standard features of their bigger counterparts and offer protection to drivers on and off the road.

These dashcams will help protect drivers from all types of�vehicles, from cyclists and pedestrians to motorists, accidents or crime, these devices have you covered. When using these cameras, you give yourself sufficient evidence to protect yourself from insurance fraud or provide legal evidence for a case. With so many advantages to using a dashboard camera, there’s no surprise they are a rising trend in today’s modern motoring world.

As well as using these devices for protection and monitoring driving habits, they are commonly used for fun and entertainment. Capturing a nice scenic drive with the family, or some random unexpected moments, always make these cameras worthwhile and can even turn you into a superstar! With the rise of social media such as youtube, your videos can become viral in no time!

The first step we took when putting together our small dashboard cameras list, was to set a maximum price range of 200. Anyone spending more than 200 for small dashboard cameras, must be a serious enthusiast! We selected these products according to the number of reviews, the number of star ratings on Amazon and the customer’s satisfaction.

Though small dashboard cameras are cheap, they are not low-end on features. They can include all your additional features such as Wi-Fi, Lane Departure, Forward Collision, User Defined Speed Limit Warning, Driver Fatigue Alert, and GPS.

Small Dashboard Cameras Comparison Table

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PictureModelResolutionViewing AngleParking ModeGPSWifiPriceRating
HP F800G1080p HD140°YesYesNoMedium4.5/5
Vantrue R1 Pro Dash Cam1080p HD170°YesYesNoMedium4.4/5
K&F Concept Car Dash Cam AmbarellaSuperHD 1296P170°YesYesNoMedium4.6/5
Stoga Tbox SGT New Professional Car DVR1080p HD170°NoYesNoLow4.2/5
PYRUS Car Recorder 2.7″ 1080P HD1080p HD90-130°NoNoNoLow4.7/5

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1. HP F800G

This small compact dash camera uses 12v power cable to connect to 12v lighter socket to power it up. The continuous recording will easily drain the battery but you can correct it by leaving the USB charger to connect to the socket while on the road.

The camera is easy to attach to the back of the rearview mirror in the middle of your windshield using the suction mount and hardly visible from outside even when parked. The 2.7-inch touch screen is very clear. You don’t need to push it very hard to get a response.

With an ultra-wide-angle lens, it captures a very wide-field view of the road. Though the image might curve a bit, its not a big problem to worry about.

To reduce driver distractions on the road, you can set it to go off after 30 seconds, 3 minutes or to open continuously. Even if the dashcam screen is off, it still continues recording until the battery runs out or you turn the recording off.

If you would like to take a snapshot, you don�t need to stop the video recording. You can touch the camera icon on the screen which is second from the left to take pictures while still recording.

The quality of night recording is high standard but you’ve got a problem if you’re near to the car in front of you. The plate number is not always visible on recordings because of reflecting headlights.

This high-end camera offers parking mode recording. When motion detection is activated, it will automatically record what triggers the sensor detection, which you can set to record up to 30 minutes. This camera also records and saves files in case of sudden strong brake or impact in an accident. Though you can adjust the sensitivity of the trigger. It also offers loop recording, where you can set to continue record for 3 or 5 minutes when the card is full.

When you play your video files back, the speed will appear on the video. It shows accurate GPS with your recorded speed and direction. Though the included SuperCar software best works with Windows PC, you can still play the video with your Mac using VLC media player and other alternative players available for download online.

This model does offer Wi-Fi features. If you want to have it and some related functions, you can check the higher-end model from HP such as HP F800x.

An SD memory card is not included when you buy this product. The buyer is advised to use a compatible Class 6 or higher rating Micro SD card. For most satisfied customers, a 32GB Sandisk MicroSD works fine.

The instruction manual needs improvement for it to lack feature explanations and how all the functions work.

Overall, this cracking dash camera is quite expensive but full of features than its low-cost counterparts.

2. Vantrue R1 Pro

The most important thing for a dashcam is clarity of image, and this product delivers just that when you choose the higher setting for the definition. It looks pretty slick as well, and small enough to be unobtrusive, It is easy to use for those already familiar with dashcams, as the features are quite standard.

The instruction booklet is substandard, which can be a problem for first-time users. It also records well in low light conditions, so night time recording is possible. However, there appears to be an issue with recording when the G-sensor and motion alarm recording functions are activated. The camera would switch off on its own and displayed a message that the storage card was full. When these two functions are off, the camera records normally.

The USB cable included does not have data transfer capabilities. If you plan to download the video from your storage card, either remove it from the dashcam and pop into your computer or purchase a data cable. Customer service is responsive.

3. K&F Concept Ambarella A7

The video quality of this dash cam in daylight is quite impressive for its price point, perhaps better than other, more expensive models.

It has all the standard features of a good-quality dashcam and includes a 32 GB Class 10 SD card, which you normally have to buy separately. However, you cannot choose the video compression, and nighttime videos are not clear enough unless in HDR mode or there is a lot of light i.e., street lamps.

There is also an issue of where files are written when the G-sensor is active (in Events rather Video directory), and while the solution may be simple enough, the instruction manual is not helpful in providing that information at all.

You also have to activate the G-sensor and motion sensor functions, which is off out-of-the-box. Otherwise, the operation is intuitive, and it is low profile. The car charger also provides USB ports for other devices.

4. Stoga Tbox SGT New Professional

While the video quality is good, it needs to be placed quite near the windshield to compensate for flares and distortion. That said, the license plates of a vehicle more than 5 meters away is usually unreadable. It is also a bit bulky, so anyone looking can see it clearly. It has a night-time capture function, but the videos are too grainy to be useful.

This product does not have a motion sensor function, so when the car is off, so is the camera. It is not particularly intuitive to use, and the instruction manual is less than useful. It is a good value for the price, but only for daytime driving.

6. PYRUS Car Recorder 2.7″ 1080P HD

I’m amazed at this small but effective dashboard camera. It offers pretty good day and night recording. You can mount this video recorder on the windshield using a suction cup and power it up with the supplied battery that needs about 2 hours of charging time to record videos. But don’t rely on it if you’re on a long journey. It will not last more than 30 minutes. You need to plug its power connector into your car charger to continue using the recorder.

This very neat and attractive dash cam that looks like a small mobile phone offers 2.7 inches LCD display screen. It shows large easy to use buttons and with 90-130 viewing angle, you have a wider view. Even a small space can be enlarged for greater presentation.

The video quality resolution is very clear with its full HD features. You can clearly see your recordings when you play it on a larger screen and on a TV.

When HDMI is connected, using this camera recorder in your car is just a plugin and go. No potholes or bumps you run over can hinder the smooth recording for this camera. Even a night driving will still show clear enough video for you to see what had happened while it’s on. You can effectively use the night vision features by powering on the LED lights.

You don’t need to worry if your car is bumped or moved because like other small car cameras above, it has built-in motion sensor detects that triggers the camera to start recording and capture whats the cause, as long as it’s own. It records accidents on its view and keeps the video files from the override.

And just like other car cameras above, it also doesn’t include an SD memory card. You have to buy a separate micro SD card. A recommended 32GB Class 10 is good to ensure the write speed is fast enough and avoid freezing and stuttering.

At first use, the recommended memory card might glitch and the camera keeps saying insert card or no card. But don’t bang your camera yet, it can be corrected by formatting the card.

The downside is that the user manual is hard to read and doest tell how to effectively use it. It also lacks an explanation how the camera buttons work and operate it.

This attractive dash cam is suitable as a gift but this is not perfect for drivers that like to use Lane Assist, Parking mode and GPS for it lacks those features. Though, this decent quality dash cam will do all the basic needs at an affordable price.

Small Dashboard Cameras Verdict

Of the five small dashboard cameras reviewed, the HP F800G Car Camera gets the top slot for its ability to record reasonable quality footage in low light. This is an important feature, for accidents don’t only happen at night. Since the purpose of the dashcam is to provide evidentiary proof, reasonably clear images under most light conditions trump excellent quality videos in broad daylight.