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Sending Dash Cam Footage To The Police

Dealing with Your Dash Cam Footage You may have seen them on cars, you may have one yourself, or you may have even had an offer for cheaper insurance if you install one on your dashboard. dash cams are becoming much more popular on not just commercial vehicles but also on private cars, and one […]

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Rattata, and Eeevee, and Lapras, Oh My!: Pokémon X-ing

“It’s time to get moving—your real-life adventures await!” is the call to action behind developers Niantic and their highly-addictive Pokémon Go. And since the app’s July 7 release on iTunes and Google Play this year, “get moving” is exactly what a record-breaking 75 million people are doing—on foot and by car. Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game […]

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Are Dashboard Cameras Legal?

Dashboard cameras have become increasingly trendy these past years, as it’s a tool used for fun and/or to record evidence in case of an accident. They come with different features and can be very handy when a crash occurs, as it will easily be proof of who’s responsible, and can now even get you a discount […]

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