Nextbase 412GW Review – 140° Viewing Angle Dash Camera

When it comes to purchasing car dash cameras, to most of us, it’s a challenge. The main reason is that we need to know the best product to buy. Therefore we have come up with the best affordable and high-quality car dash camera in the UK, USA, and other countries. First, the Nextbase camera is easier to mount than other standard car dash cams. Now we are going to talk about Nextbase 412GW Review in this post.

Nextbase Dash Cam 412GW Review

We can’t afford to negotiate on its specification and features. The Nextbase 412GW is unique from the regular cameras. Also, the camera can withstand harsh conditions. Despite being affordable, this Nextbase 412GW camera features WIFI enabled with a wide dynamic range.


Nextbase 412GW is among the best car dash cameras in the current market. This 412GW cam is suitable for ensuring your journey is safe. The camera is straightforward to install and remove when it comes to installation. The compact design makes the cam ideal for all cars, including other vehicles. This next-base camera is water- and tear-resistant, which suits all weather conditions. In addition to that, the cam is suitable for night use as it features night vision.

WI-FI enabled

This Nextbase 412GW car camera features a Wi-Fi-enabled capability. Enabled Wi-Fi allows a user to download different videos and photos quickly. Despite being easy to download items, you can share pictures and videos.

Therefore transmitting documents and other things like photos to your phone is not a challenge anymore. Also, the next-base has an app that acts as a storage point for the clips in your next-base. This car dash camera doesn’t need a USB cable to transmit files and pictures.

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1440 HD recording

The car dash camera has an ultra 1440 HD recording capability. Unlike other models of dash cameras, this car dash camera is hugely different from that. The reason is that it can read all the number plates and additional information.

If you need to read any crucial information, then the 1440 HD resolution is available. The car dash camera can support a micro SD card of 128GB. The ample storage ensures you record all the essential information you intend to keep for future reference.

Magnetic mount

This Next-base car dash camera features a powered magnetic mount. The magnetic support ensures mounting is effortless. The dash camera has a cup of suction that suits most car windows. The suction cup enables the camera to click in position with the magnets.

Therefore the power is moving to the mount instead of the dashcam. The powered magnetic mount capability ensures the dash car camera is secure. Lastly, you can easily install or remove the camera compared to modern types.

High viewing angle

The car dash camera features a 140-degree viewing angle. The wide dynamic range is suitable for processing images to promote the clear recording. Also, the high viewing angle ensures that all the imported items are recorded. This next-base car dash camera can record images in both dark and bright lights.

The WDR (wide dynamic range) is essential in combing multiple pictures recorded at different brightness levels. The WDR combines various images to form one high-quality and superior vision.

Equipped with GPS

The car dash camera has GPS that makes tracking your journey easy. The equipped GPs speed makes it easy to follow your trip with Google maps. Location logging ensures that you record everything that is going on.

Therefore you can effectively and correctly identify where a particular incident occurred. The location logging capability makes the camera ideal for insurance claims.

Night vision and g-sensor

The g-sensor is essential for locking import items and files away from the result of an impact. The reason is that the camera works automatically, which is not the case with traditional cams. The night vision features make recording clear at night. The car dash camera can pick optimized footage in any condition, including poor light.

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  • This next-base camera is extremely affordable
  • Features a compact and straightforward design
  • The 412GW support a 128 GB microcard
  • The next base is easy to install and remove
  • Equipped with location logging for natural follow-up
  • Gps speed present
  • Provides a wide range of view (140degreesO)
  • Sturdy and high-quality construction


  • A magnetic mount powers the next-base
  • No memory card included, but it supports a micro card
  • It can record any movement or collision when still parked

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this car dash camera be able to see through the factory-tinted window?

A: YES, this Nextbase 412GW can work with a factory-tinted window.  Also, it not only works on windows but also provides clear images. Therefore you can use the next-base camera in different varieties of windows.

Q: Is it able to read number plates at night?

A: Yes, the reason is that the Nextbase 412GW has night vision, making it suitable for night driving. The night vision makes it easy to record number plates at night even if the car is in distance ways.

Q: Which is the main difference between the 321 and 412GW Nextbase dashcam, and which is the best?

A: The 312GW Nextbase lacks Quad HD, which is a presence in the 412GW Nextbase cam. Also, the 412GW is the best compared to the 312 Nextbase cameras.

Final Verdict

Every choice that you make has its consequences. Therefore, it’s the right time to make the best choice when purchasing a car dashcam. In the article, we discussed the best car dash camera you can get. This Nextbase 412GW is available in the market and unique from the rest. The cam ensures your journey is safe.

Nextbase is a high-quality, premium 412GW cam that can record in dark and bright light. The night vision makes the cam ideal for night recording. Another great feature with this next-base came is the GPs speed and the location logging. Get this amazing compact cam, and you will never regret such a decision.

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