Nextbase 101 Go Dash Cam Review

7.8 TOTAL SCORE Nextbase 101 Go
Video Quality 7
Ease Of Use 9
Features 6.5
Price 8

Nextbase 101 Go Dash Cam Review


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Built-in battery
  • Simple installation and intuitive use
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Video quality not the strongest, especially in low light/nighttime driving
  • Low viewing angle
  • Lack of features
  • Memory card not included

Highlighted Components

720p HD-Recording: The Nextbase 101 Go dash cam has HD-recording which offers acceptable video quality under ample lighting conditions, guaranteeing clear reading of license plates and road signs. The F2.0 aperture paired with its 120° viewing angle are sufficient for capturing events occurring in the driver’s field of view.

G-Sensor: This must-have dash cam feature automatically triggers Emergency Recording in the event of sudden impact. All footage from before, during and after an impact or collision is recorded and stored as an overwrite protected file for later review and analysis.

Loop Recording: Recording sessions from travels are continuous and uninterrupted. When the memory card is full, Loop Recording overwrites the oldest footage first, preserving space on memory cards.

Photo Mode: In the event of an accident, drivers can remove the dash cam from its click and go mount and use it as a standard digital camera, documenting damage to vehicles as evidence for police and insurers. With it’s integrated battery, drivers have up to fifteen minutes of run time.

Ignition Detection Technology: The camera will automatically power-on once the car is started and power off shortly after the vehicle has been turned off. This convenient feature saves drivers the added step of having to turn dash cams on/off, or worse, the frustration of forgetting to power-on the camera while out on the road.

LED Screen: The screen allows for instant playback of recorded footage directly from the device. Drivers can also blackout the screen, eliminating excessive bright light in vehicles while driving at night.

Day and Night Footage

***credit to NEILY84 channel for this video***

Pros and Cons


  • Compact, lightweight design. This dash cam shines in its compact footprint, providing a discreet, distraction-free field of view when mounted in vehicles. While robust in its mount, it can be toted around effortlessly when using it in Photo Mode.
  • Built-in battery. This recorder integrates a lithium polymer battery, which can come in handy if the vehicle loses power. The battery is capable of recording up to fifteen minutes without assistance from a supplementary power source.
  • Simple installation and intuitive use. Nextbase prides themselves in doing one thing particularly well—building devices that require little effort to setup and offer intuitive use. The 101 Go is no exception. Running the lengthy power cord to the cigarette lighter without distracting dangling wires, mounting in-vehicle and the plug-n’-play interface make the dash cam well-suited for all levels of users.
  • Budget-friendly pricing. The camera is one of the least expensive dash cams on the UK market. But remember, you’re paying for just the basics.


  • Poor video quality, especially in low light/nighttime driving. Compared to other dash cams in the Nextbase product line typically recording at 1080p full HD, the 101 Go records at 720p. Additionally, the camera struggles when recording footage during low light and nighttime driving. License plates and road signs will be hard to decipher when lighting is not optimal. The lower resolution and sub-par sensor unfortunately lead to poor video image quality. When played back, captured footage looks compressed, pixelated and lacks the fine detail one would expect. This can be of great concern if footage is being relied on as evidence for an accident.
  • Low viewing angle.The 120° viewing angle is one of the lowest available on the UK dash cam market. While this viewing angle is sufficient, capturing events occurring directly in front of drivers, it may struggle to pick up events from drivers’ peripheries.
  • Lack of features. Minimalist sums up the 101 Go. This Nextbase model is stripped down to one essential role and that is recording. No GPS. No Night Vision. No Parking Mode. No W-FiIf you want more from a dash cam, this isn’t the model for you.
  • Memory card not included. Unfortunately it does not include its own memory card for straight out-of-the-box use. It accepts cards up to 32GB for up to 8.5 hours of footage.

Our Verdict

Nextbase delivers the 101 Go dashboard camera as a pared-down, entry-level alternative to pricier items in the dash cam market. Drivers who are looking for just the basics—in-vehicle recording of travels from Point A to B with no added features—will appreciate this minimalist model. While the camera itself is compact, lightweight and streamlined for ultimate discretion and user-friendly handling, overall recording quality is a disappointment, especially during low light or nighttime driving where the sensor struggles to produce clear images and details.

The competitive advantages the Nextbase 101 Go dash cam has over its peers are its budget-friendly pricing and wide acceptance by UK insurance providers. However, we wouldn’t recommend this camera for those driving frequently, particularly at night, or those looking for common dash cam extras such as GPS, Night Vision, Parking Mode or Wi-Fi. While this camera is about as simple and approachable as dashcams come, there are plenty of alternatives out there within the same price bracket that excel in just about every aspect when compared to this model.

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Nextbase 101 Go Product Details


Spec NameModel Spec Details
Lens0, 120° wide angle
Resolution/Frame Rate720p at 30fps
Low Light RecordingYes
Date/Time StampNo
Parking ModeNo
Video FormatAVI
Video OutputAVI
Power Source12 V Power Adapter, 1x lithium-polymer battery (built in, approx. 15 min run time)
MemorymicroSD cards up to 32GB
CompatibilityPC, Mac
Display Type/SizeLED/5.08 cm
Dimensions5 x 6.8 x 4 cm
Weight56 g


  • Nextbase 101 Go dash cam
  • Click and go suction mount bracket
  • 12 V car power adapter (4 m cable)
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Unboxing Video

***credit to briers1 channel for this video***

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  • Rectangle Self-Adhesive Cable Tie Mount Clips
  • Nextbase Car Camera Hard Wire Kit

Company History

Founded in 2005 and based in Surrey, Nextbase is the industry-leading brand for in-vehicle entertainment accessories. They are well-known for their high-quality DVD players, tablets and dashboard cameras. According to GFK data, their range of dash cams are the most popular in the UK, dominating 56% of the market share in March 2014!

Released in December 2014, the Nextbase 101 Go dash cam is the brand’s entry-level product. Well-received by the public, the dashcam was awarded the “Best Value Budget Dash Cam” prize by The Sunday Times Driving.

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