Nextbase 302G Deluxe Review

6.7 TOTAL SCORE Nextbase 302G Deluxe
Video Quality 8
Ease Of Use 8.5
Features 7.5
Price 8


  • Loop Recording preserves space on memory card
  • Built-in battery
  • Compact footprint
  • Simple installation and distraction-free driving
  • Lengthy power cable


  • GPS is hit and miss-mostly miss
  • Narrow viewing angle
  • Difficult to remove from its mount.
  • Sensitive and awkward button placement
  • Not Mac compatible
  • Memory card not included

Highlighted Components

HD Recording with Night VisionTheNextbase 302G Deluxe records in full 1080p HD. The F2.0 aperture and 120° viewing angle ensure essential events and image details are captured. A fully-integrated IR Night Vision utilizes eight IR transmitters, delivering clear footage from low light, inclement weather and nighttime driving conditions.

Built-In GPS: The GPS sensor records driver speed and location data from travels. When footage is played back on a computer, routes can be tracked alongside Google Maps™. If an accident occurs, drivers can provide police and insurers detailed information for reports and claims.

G-Force Sensor: When an incident occurs, the G-Force sensor automatically triggers Emergency Recording, documenting footage from before, during and after an impact or collision in an overwrite protected file for later review and analysis. In addition to Emergency Recording, the sensor detects if drivers yawed, braked and the actual force of impact.

Parking Mode: Parking Mode employs motion detection technology to automatically activate recording when sensors pick up activity or impact in front of the vehicle-even without a driver present. This feature can be particularly useful in the event of vandalism, or a hit and run situation while parked.

Photo Mode: In the unfortunate event of an accident, drivers can remove the dash cam from its mount and use it as a regular digital camera to document vehicular damage from the scene for police and insurers.

Large LCD DisplayPlay back footage directly on the camera without straining the eyes. At nearly 7 cm, the LCD screen is slightly larger than average dash cam screens available to the UK market.

Day Footage

***credit to DFS TechAuto channel for this video***

Night Footage

***credit to DFS TechAuto channel for this video***

Pros and Cons


  • Loop Recording preserves space on memory card. With Loop Recoding capability, the 302G Deluxe records over existing footage in chronological order. The oldest footage is recorded over first, ensuring drivers have enough time to review and analyze footage before it is overwritten. This must-have feature preserves valuable space on the memory card, allowing for continuous recording of all your travels.
  • Built-in battery. The built-in lithium battery provides approximately 20 minutes of run time and comes in handy when needing to switch to Photo Mode to take pictures as evidence for the police and insurers in the case of an accident.
  • Compact footprint. The 302G Deluxe is one of the lightest, most compact dash cams available. The compact design guarantees a secure and discreet fit behind rear view mirrors.
  • Simple installation and distraction-free driving. Nextbase thrives in doing one thing particularly well-creating devices with effortless set-up and intuitive use. The 302G Deluxe is no exception. A self-explanatory navigation menu allows for simple toggling through modes and settings. One setting even allows for complete blackout of the display screen, eliminating excess light that can distract drivers.
  • Lengthy power cable. The included 12 V car adapter power cable is four meters in length, allowing users plenty of cable to work with and conceal along a widescreen and passenger side when setting up the 302G Deluxe.


  • Mostly poor recording quality. The video image quality is consistently poor across the board in all conditions with this camera, and certainly struggles to pick up key information such as number plates. A very disappointing image compared with competitor dash cams in the same price range.
  • GPS is hit and miss-mostly miss. The Nextbase In-Car Cam 302G Deluxe is presented as an update of the earlier 202 Lite model, most notably with its integration of GPS. Unfortunately, the built-in GPS is more problematic than beneficial. Often the GPS takes too long to load and locate drivers while on the road, or refuses to work altogether-a moot feature in our eyes.
  • Narrow viewing angle. The 120° viewing angle is one of the narrowest viewing angles found in the UK dashboard camera market. The narrow field of view is barely wider than what the human eye can capture on its own (110° horizontally).
  • Difficult to remove from its mount. How difficult? Users may get the false impression that the camera should not be removed from its in-vehicle mounting bracket; however, with a great deal of effort and finessed maneuvering, it can actually be done. This endeavour is unnecessarily time-consuming and generally an unwelcome hassle, particularly when leaving cars parked in unknown areas or over an extended period.
  • Sensitive and awkward button placement. Users will have to exercise a bit of caution with the 302G Deluxe’s buttons as they are quite sensitive to pressure. The biggest complaint is in regards to the location of its reset button-beneath the dash cam. Often the reset button is pressed unintentionally when handling the camera, from mounting to dismounting, or making minor adjustments while it’s locked in the in-vehicle mount.
  • Not Mac compatible. PC and Windows only-sorry Apple-lovers.
  • Memory card not included. The 302G Deluxe does not include its own memory card for straight out-of-the-box use. It accepts cards from 2-32GB, for up to 8.5 hours of recorded footage.

Our Verdict

The Nextbase 302G Deluxe dashboard camera is a budget-friendly recorder with average performance and specs. Video quality is nothing to rave about, especially when compared to cameras from competing brands and even Nextbase’s own line. However, the minimalist dash cam manages to include a few high-demand features, such as Loop Recording, Parking Mode and night vision recording. While the 302G Deluxe was intended as an upgrade to the brand’s 202 Lite model with the integration of GPS, the subpar navigational system fails to impress. Additionally, users frequently complain that the camera is difficult to remove from its mount, which can cause problems for those frequently mounting and dismounting the device from vehicles.

Overall the Nextbase 302G Deluxe is a budget product-no frills, just the basics to get drivers safely from point A to B. The lightweight build doesn’t interfere with the driver’s field of view, installation is simple and navigation through settings is user-friendly, making the device approachable (especially for the tech-challenged). Moreover, one clear advantage of having a Nextbase dash cam over other brands is its wide acceptance by UK insurance providers. But poor image quality, a limited viewing angle and lack of a truly functional GPS leave most users wanting more. This is all reflected in the poor reviews the camera receives on Halfords UK for example. We recommend potential buyers to check out other cameras in the Nextbase family, or a competing brand with comparable, if not better, features and capability.

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Average Customer Rating: 3/5 stars (Amazon UK, based on 15 reviews)

Average Customer Rating: 3.1/5 stars (Halfords UK, based on 66 reviews)

Product Details


Spec NameModel Spec Details
LensF2.0, 120° wide angle
Resolution/Frame Rate1080p at 30fps
Low Light RecordingYes
Date/Time StampNo
Parking ModeYes
Video FormatAVI
Video OutputHDMI, AV
Power Source12 V Power Adapter, 1x built-in lithium battery (approx. 20 min run time)
MemorymicroSD cards up to 32GB
Display Type/SizeLCD/6.86 cm
Dimensions5 x 5.4 x 2.6 cm
Weight74 g


  • Nextbase In-Car Cam 302G Deluxe
  • In-vehicle click and go suction mount
  • 12 V car power adapter (4 m cable)
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • PC software

Unboxing Video

***credit to DFS TechAuto channel for this video***

Recommended Accessories

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  • DURAGADGET Camera Case with Soft Fleece Lining
  • Nextbase Car Camera Hard Wire Kit

Where To Buy The Nextbase 302G Deluxe

Company History

Founded in 2005 and based in Surrey, Nextbase is the industry-leading brand for in-vehicle entertainment accessories. They are well-known for their high-quality DVD players, tablets and dashboard cameras. According to GFK data, their range of dash cams are the most popular in the UK, dominating 56% of the market share in March 2014!

Released in 2013, the Nextbase 302G Deluxe dashboard camera is one of many cameras in their ever growing range of driving recorders.

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