Mio MiVue 568 Touch Review

9.1 TOTAL SCOREMio MiVue 568 Touch
Video Quality 9.5
Ease Of Use 9
Features 9
Price 9


  • Lifetime unlimited updates of speed cameras from Mio’s database
  • Impressive nighttime recording
  • Event Recording Mode automatically records emergencies
  • Parking Mode
  • Easy set-up and user-friendly interface


  • Sensitive screen and buttons
  • No Wi-Fi capability
  • Lower viewing angle
  • Memory card not included

Highlighted Components

Safety Camera: The Mio MiVue 568 Touch offers drivers up-to-date speed camera warnings through their comprehensive database with access to lifetime updates. Speed Camera alerts warn drivers when they are over the legal limit in speed camera zones, providing ample time for users to adjust their driving.

Real-time GPS Tracking: The fully-integrated GPS system tracks and records driver’s routes, along with their speed, direction of travel, concise coordinates and even altitude. The detailed navigational information synchronizes with Google Maps during video playback, allowing for a quick review of past journeys or accurate information when filling out an insurance claim.

Low Light Recording: The F1.8 lens allows more light into the camera, producing clear video with precise details, even in low lighting or during nighttime driving conditions. Video quality is enhanced, capturing bold images and vivid details regardless of the amount of available light.

Full HD: The camera records in 1080p, which is regarded as standard resolution for cameras in this price range. The 568 is well-documented for its top-notch image quality paired with its 130° degree viewing radius, delivering one of the best video outputs tested in the UK dashboard camera market.

G-Shock Motion Sensor: The camera is equipped with the much-desired, 3-axis G-sensor component. The fully-integrated sensor identifies events, instantly activating the Event Recording Mode which safeguards the file from deletion until further review and analysis.

Parking Mode: Protect vehicles in the event of a collision or vandalism without the need of having to be around. Employing innovative motion detection, Parking Mode recognizes and records activity in front of the vehicle without the driver present. Note: This mode requires a continuous power source, such as the Mio Smartbox Hardwire Kit (sold separately).

Audio Recording: The built-in microphone picks up and records all audio in the car; and, at times, the mic can even detect and record exterior audio. Regardless, the mic is best utilized as an in-vehicle audio recorder. As always, disclose and ensure you have full permission from passengers before recording any conversations.

Anti-glare Touchscreen: At 6.35 cm, the well-sized touchscreen offers brilliant clarity and user-friendly navigation through settings and modes without interference from glare in harsh lighting conditions. The screen is large enough for instant playback of recorded footage without straining eyes.

Day Footage

***credit to LondonTown WitnessCam channel for this video***

Pros and Cons


  • Lifetime unlimited updates of speed cameras from Mio’s database. Avoid tickets and maintain safe driving, especially in speed camera monitored areas. With unlimited updates of UK road speed cameras, this noteworthy feature is a very desirable extra.
  • Impressive nighttime recording. The Mio MiVue 568 Touch is one of the best night vision solution cameras. Although the camera is not fitted with built-in night vision, the nighttime recording quality stands out in the dashboard camera market with exceptional attention to fine image details.
  • Event Recording Mode automatically records emergencies and saves video footage as an overwrite protected file. Guarantee recorded events from minor impacts to major accidents are safeguarded for review or use as evidence when making a claim. This mode can also be manually activated with a simple press of the Emergency Record button on the camera.
  • Parking Mode. A feature growing in popularity, Mio incorporates this mode in their 568 model using motion detection technology to give drivers piece of mind when not around. Parking Mode continuously records activity in front of the vehicle when parked without a driver being present.
  • Easy set-up and user-friendly interface. Set-up and use of the dash cam are straightforward, even for the technophobe lacking background knowledge and experience with these type of devices. Although the manual may lack coherent direction at times, the camera itself offers a user-friendly display with an intuitive navigation menu through varied settings, from default modes to custom recording preferences.


  • Sensitive screen and buttons. Users have reported the touchscreen and power button to be too touch sensitive.
  • No Wi-Fi capability. Uploading and sharing video footage requires the use of a computer with Internet connection. While Wi-Fi is not an essential feature for dash cameras, it offers many convenient benefits. With Wi-Fi, users can instantly upload recorded footage from the camera and share it with the police, insurers or personal social media channels.
  • Lower viewing angle than most cameras at its price point. The 568 includes a lens with a 130° viewing angle, one of the narrowest viewing angles we have tested in the UK dashboard camera market. The tighter viewing angle means one’s recording radius, or field of view, is slightly shortened compared to most cameras.
  • Memory card not included. The 568 does not come furnished with its own memory card for straight out-of-the-box use. Remember, a 32GB card is the maximum capacity for this device.

Our Verdict

The Mio MiVue 568 Touch is a quality-made, user-friendly recording device. Sensitivity of the screen and on/off button can be annoying at first, but ultimately is a minor issue and can be avoided altogether once use to the display’s handling. The 130° wide angle seems a bit narrow, especially when compared to other brands and models within the same price range; however, the field of view is wide enough to capture events from everyday driving. Perhaps the one hang-up when considering the dash cam’s price is its lack of Wi-Fi. While not an essential item, many dash cams at this price are equipped with this convenient feature.

The 568 impresses with its HD-quality imaging and seamless integration of convenient and practical components, including automatic activation once the vehicle starts, GPS tracking, Event Recording Mode (in the case of an accident), Parking Mode and lifetime Safety Camera updates.

Overall the Mio MiVue 568 Touch is a well-rounded dashboard camera combining impressive video resolution with essential features that go above and beyond, meriting its mid-range ££ price tag, and making a really good statement in the market.

Mio MiVue 568 Touch Product Details


Spec NameModel Spec Details
Lens8, 130° wide angle
Resolution/Frame Rate1080p at 30fps
Low Light RecordingYes
Date/Time StampYes
Parking ModeYes
Video Format264 .mov files
Video OutputHDMI
Power Source12 V Power Adapter, 1x Li-ION battery (included)
MemorymicroSD cards up to 32GB
CompatibilityPC, Mac
Display Type/SizeNA/6.35 cm
Dimensions6.3 x 3.2 x 6.2


  • Mio MiVue 568 Touch dash cam
  • In-vehicle suction mounting bracket
  • 12 V power adapter (3.3 m cable)
  • Storage/carry pouch

Recommended Accessories

  • SanDisk Ultra Imaging 32 GB microSDHC Memory Card, Class 10
  • atFoliX Glass Protective Film Touch Glass Protector
  • Mio MiVue Touch Compatible Hot Sync and Charge Straight USB Cable
  • Portable Emergency AA Battery Charger Extender
  • Mio Smartbox Hardwire Kit

Company History

Mio stands behind their philosophy and adage Explore More. Founded in 2002, Mio has become an industry leader in mobile GPS technologies that empower users to do just that – Explore More. The company is committed to its mission of making travel freer and more accessible, while maintaining a globally responsible outlook in the design, manufacturing and distribution of their products. Mio is consciously aware of their global footprint and actively works to improve business practices for the betterment of the environment and society by consuming less energy, designing compact products that are free of harmful substances and easily recycle, as well as reducing product packaging materials.

The 568 Touch is one of their strongest selling dashboard cameras, with a strong amount of positive reviews to support it, with TechRadar proving a great review to support it.

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