MAISI Dash Camera Review E730

Video Quality 9.5
Ease Of Use 7.5
Features 7.5
Price 9


  • Super high-end image quality
  • Audio-recording toggle
  • Practical mount and lengthy cable
  • Large LCD screen
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Lack of desirable features
  • Unclear directives make setup difficult
  • Memory card not included

Highlighted Components

Full HD and Super HD Recording: The MAISI® dash camera E730 reins in the power of six premium glass lenses, a wide 150° viewing angle and allows for recording in resolutions up to 1296p at 30fps, or Super HD. Glass lenses perform far better than plastic components and when paired with Wide Dynamic Range technology, drivers are guaranteed crystal clear footage with fine detailing of license plates and road signs regardless of lighting levels or harsh weather conditions on the road. Integrated Night Vision keeps the camera working at optimal levels during low and nighttime driving. Drivers can choose between Super HD, Full HD or HD video recording quality.

Built-In G-Sensor: A must-have feature, the reliable G-sensor ensures footage from severe impact is recorded in an overwrite protected file. Events, such as a collision, trigger Emergency Recording. These files are saved and safeguarded from being overwritten until later review and analysis.

Intelligent Recording Technology: Forgetful days of yore, are just that—forgotten. Intelligent Recording Technology activates the dashcam when it recognizes the vehicle’s ignition is turned on/off. No longer will drivers have to remember to turn the dash cam on/off manually.

Driver Assistance System: The intuitive system alerts provide lane departure and driver fatigue warnings. The added light warning notifies drivers when they forget to turn on headlights during low light driving conditions.

Photo Mode: Unique to the E730 dash camera is its digital zoom capability, up to 8x magnification. Photo image quality is better than most dash cams with 5 megapixels of resolution and battery life up to 30 minutes when not connected to a power source.

On/Off Audio-Recording: A feature with value yet to be determined is manual control of the camera’s audio recording capability. While the video is the best form of evidence for the police and insurers in the event of an accident, audio recording may serve drivers well as supplemental documentation. The on/off button allows drivers to manually control the camera’s audio.


***credit to Kuldip Bhele channel for this video***

Pros and Cons


  • Super high-end image quality. The MAISI® Dash Camera E730 records in Super HD. Yes, you read that correctly—Super HD. That’s a full 1296p at 30 fps or four times the number of pixels you get from Full HD! Four times the pixels means four times the recording output for video quality that virtually can’t be beaten.
  • Audio-recording toggle. Audio recording can serve drivers well, particularly in the case of an accident as a supplemental source of evidence for the police and insurers. The convenient on/off toggle affords drivers the power to precisely capture only the audio they want to be recorded. As always, disclose and ensure you have full permission from passengers before recording any conversations.
  • Practical mount and lengthy cable. Many dash cam complaints relate to the frustrations with mounting/dismounting the device. In contrast, the E730 features an ergonomically crafted mount for rapid and effortless mounting/dismounting. Additionally, the lengthy power cord discreetly hides along with the headliner and passenger side, for wire and distraction-free view.
  • Large LCD screen. Nearly 7 cm, the LCD screen is slightly larger than average dashcam screens, granting clear views of driver alerts, easy navigation through settings and video playback without straining the eyes.
  • Budget-friendly pricing. To emphasize, while it resides at the low-end of dashcam pricing, the video resolution quality easily competes with higher-end market players. If you’re on a budget and a simple recording device with proven reliable performance is the priority, this camera is certainly worth the investment.


  • Lack of desirable features. Don’t take this the wrong way—the E730 has plenty going for it and deserves a place on any shortlist while shopping around for a suitable dashcam. However, there are a few commonly desired key features that are absent in this camera, such as GPS, Wi-Fi and Parking Mode. If these extras truly matter to you, you’ll have to dip a little further into that wallet.
  • Unclear directives make setup difficult. The biggest letdown with the mse730 is the incoherent organization and directives provided by its instruction manual. The poorly written guide is hard to follow, offering little help in the setup process, leaving users left to their own tedious trial and error process when resolving issues. We suggest referring to user reviews and Q&A forums online for great suggestions and advice when troubleshooting.
  • Memory card not included. Unfortunately, it does not include its own memory card for straight out-of-the-box use. It accepts memory cards up to 64GB.

Our Verdict

The MAISI® E730 dashboard camera is a low budget dashboard camera, delivering quality video footage that is hard to beat. While most dash cams on the market record in Full HD, or 1080p, the E730 is capable of recording in Super HD, or 1296p at 30fps. The higher resolution provides vivid images, clear detailing, and overall impressive video playback.

Video resolution aside, there are a few points worth considering before investing in this dashcam. Most notably, MAISI’s® device lacks many commonly desired dash cam features, such as GPS, Wi-Fi and Parking Mode. Additionally, while the camera provides a built-in memory, users will have to purchase a microSD card separately for reliable use. Customers have also complained that the included manual was insufficient at best, offering little help to those needing to troubleshoot issues with the camera.

Overall, if you’re primary concern is video/picture quality at a value, the mse730’s streamlined, high-caliber camera excels in every way. In side-by-side testing with higher-end dash cams, the MAISI® Dash Camera E730 consistently delivered video resolution on-par with, or better than the competition. Solid performance and high customer ratings for the mse730 on Amazon UK have garnered it a place among our Best UK Dashboard Camera List.

MAISI Dash Camera E730 Product Details

Spec NameModel Spec Details
Lens150° wide-angle, 8x digital zoom
Resolution/Frame Rate1296p at 30fps (Super HD), 1080p at 30fps (Full HD), 720p at 30fps (HD)
Low Light RecordingYes
Date/Time StampYes
Parking ModeNo
Video Format264, MPEG4
Video Output
Power Source12 V Power Adapter, 1x Rechargeable Li-ion battery (approx. 30 min run time)
Memory32MB Nand Flash (built-in), up to64GB MicroSD card
CompatibilityPC Windows
Display Type/SizeTFT LCD/6.86 cm
Dimensions11 x 3.2 x 4.7 cm
Weight118 g


  • MAISI® Dash Camera E730
  • In-vehicle suction cup mount and fixed holder
  • 12 V power adapter (4 m cable)
  • USB cable
  • Warranty (1-year, including professional team support via email)

Recommended Accessories

  • Kingston 64GB UHS microSDXC, Class10
  • MAISI GPS Module Dongle with USB Connector
  • Accessotech 12 V 2-Way Car Cigarette Lighter Power Socket Charger

Company History

Founded in 2004, Ambarella, Inc. specializes in low-power/high-definition video and image-processing devices—from surveillance to aerial cams, to wearable technology. The brand’s IP-security cameras comprise 45% of their business. Ambarella technology and innovation is employed and integrated in many products, including the globally popular GoPro cameras and Google video.

Ambarella is the proud recipient of multiple Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) awards, including “Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company,” “Favorite Analyst Semiconductor Company” and “Most Respected Emerging Public Semiconductor Company.” In 2015, they were recognized by GSA in the following categories:

“Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company” and “Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company.” These prestigious accolades are awarded to companies earning $100-500 million in annual sales.

The MAISI® E730 Dash Camera operates with Ambarella’s a7 chipset technology, for rapid processing speeds and enhanced visual graphics.

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