E-Prance G1W Dash Cam Review

8.8 TOTAL SCOREE-Prance G1W Dash Cam
Video Quality 9.5
Ease Of Use 8.5
Features 7.5
Price 10


  • Great Price
  • Impressive daytime recording
  • Auto-activation
  • Distraction-free driving
  • Photo Mode
  • Multiple video/audio out ports
  • Large LCD screen
  • Effortless setup


  • No GPS or Wi-Fi
  • Loop recording must be manually set
  • Short battery run time
  • Slightly Larger
  • Fake models going around

Highlighted Components:

HD Recording: The E-PRANCE G1W combines Novatek’s premium NT96650 processor with an Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor to deliver remarkable visual clarity, especially during daytime driving. The G1W records in Full HD, 1080p at 30fps, or HD, 720p at 60fps. Premium internal technology and the lens ensure crisp images with an acute attention to fine details, such as license plates and road signs. Its wide 140° angle lens captures much of the road and peripheral roadside events for broader coverage, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. The addition of an IR LED boosts the camera’s ability to record in virtually no light, providing adequate footage during low and nighttime driving.

IR LED: The infrared LED enhances recording quality during low and nighttime driving. The IR LED automatically activates when the camera detects low levels of light for improved nighttime recording. Note: Recorded IR footage is in grayscale.

Emergency Recording: The 3-axis G-sensor activates Emergency Recording when a sudden bump or severe impact occurs. Footage recorded in this mode is saved as an overwrite protected file until further manual review.

Photo Mode: The built-in battery is a dedicated power source when drivers need to take pictures as evidence in the event of an accident. Photo Mode records stills as .jpeg files at an impressive 5 MP resolution thanks to the powerful Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor.

Loop Recording: Loop Recording provides continuous, uninterrupted recording while driving. Once the memory card is full, Loop Recording is activated and overwrites files starting with the oldest footage first. Loop Recording maximizes camera efficiency and saves valuable space on memory cards.

Auto Power On/Off: Smart technology automatically activates the G1W once it detects the vehicle’s power source with a simple turning of the key or push of the ignition button, saving drivers time and ensuring they don’t forget to turn on the dash cam while traveling.

LCD Screen: The G1W is fitted with a 6.86 cm LCD display screen. The large screen serves drivers well, reducing eye strain when navigating through the settings menu or reviewing the recorded footage. Additionally, with the screen saver, the screen can be blacked out after three, five or ten minutes of inactivity for distraction-free driving at night.

Day Footage

***credit to Paul Gardner channel for this video***

Night Footage

***credit to SalesDriven channel for this video***

Pros and Cons


  • Impressive daytime recording. The G1W offers vivid, full HD recording quality and clarity during daytime—one of the best dash cam performers at this budget-friendly price point. On sunny days, the sky may appear a bit washed out, but necessary details, such as license plates and road signs, appear in fine detail. Drivers can play with the camera’s angle when it’s mounted to reduce glare and make fine adjustments to levels of light exposure. To delve further into the technical side of the G1W, the camera combines a Novatek NT96650 processor with an Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor to deliver optimal recording performance.
  • Auto-activation. Simply turning the ignition key in vehicles activates the G1W. The dash cam’s smart tech automatically detects the vehicle’s power source, saving drivers the added step of turning the dash cam on/off.
  • Distraction-free driving. In the settings, drivers can choose between varied dash cam display and screen saver modes, including the following: Constant-on, never on, or delayed off after three, five or ten minutes of inactivity. Turning off the display is particularly useful during nighttime driving, eliminating excessive light and distraction inside vehicles.
  • Photo Mode. The G1W offers still image resolution at a surprising 5 MP. Still photos can serve as a vital source of supplemental evidence in the event of an accident when filing police reports or insurance claims.
  • Multiple video/audio out ports. Fitted with an HDMI, USB and AV-Out port, the G1W provides multiple connectivity options for viewing recorded footage that go beyond playback on the camera itself or removing and transferring the SD card to another device.
  • Large LCD screen. At 6.86 cm, the LCD screen is large enough to navigate through the menu settings, refer to the camera’s live view while driving and even review recorded footage with ease and without causing eye strain.
  • Effortless setup. The G1W includes a suction mount and long 3.5 m power lead for smooth and effortless installation. When not in use, the dash cam can be easily removed from its cradle and stowed in the glove box.


  • Blurring of the right side. Some consumers have reported recorded video footage appears blurred along the right edge of the frame compared to the crisp image quality of the left. While this flaw is far from common, it appears to occur more frequently during low and nighttime recording sessions.
  • No GPS or Wi-Fi. Far from a deal breaker, simply many leading dash cams on the market are equipped with these features. The major advantage of having a GPS/Wi-Fi enabled dash cam is their role as a supplemental source and sharing of information, particularly in the case of filing police reports and claims with insurance companies in the event of an accident.
  • Loop recording must be manually set. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around this one too, as with most dash cams loop recording is an automated feature. However, this is a minor misstep on the part of E-PRANCE’s UI team and a quick fix. Drivers simply have to go into the settings menu to activate loop recording and they’re good to go.
  • Excessive background audio. Consumers have noted the G1W picks up an excessive amount of ambient background audio noise, creating a crackling sound alongside recorded footage. However, the sound can be toggled off to combat this.
  • Short battery run time. Despite serving as a power source for use during Photo Mode, the battery has a limited run time—approximately 5-10 minutes by average consumer estimates. However, it is worth noting that poor battery run time is a common issue among all dash cams as they are intended primarily for in-vehicle use while connected to the vehicle’s power source.
  • Larger unit. Again, not a deal breaker. The G1W boasts a slightly larger frame than typical dash cams, which makes the unit harder to conceal behind the rearview mirror. Some consumers have also complained that the design aesthetics of the silver ring around the lens itself adds to the dash cam’s lack of discretion.
  • The E-PRANCE G1W is a solid, go-to budget dash cam, but buyers need to be aware of several knock-off models being sold as the authentic product. These fakes come with lower-grade processors or lack certain components of the original, impacting the overall video recording quality. The following is a list of common characteristics found in fake models of the G1W for buyers to be on the lookout for:
    • Fitted with the Novatek NT96220FG processor
    • Records in AVI
    • Missing an HDMI port

Our Verdict

The E-PRANCE G1W brings must-have dash cam essentials to a budget-friendly price point that is sure to turn the heads of any prospective buyer. Pricing aside, the dash cam harnesses powerful internal technology, employing Novatek’s NT96650 processor in tandem with the Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor for remarkable recording quality during daytime driving. The integration of an IR LED enhances low and nighttime driving, but not at a level on par with its daytime image quality.

Overall, the G1W is and does exactly what a dash cam sets out to do. E-PRANCE purposefully avoids extraneous add-on features (GPS, Wi-Fi, speed camera alerts) to focus on the camera itself and bring consumers a reliable, quality-made and affordable product. Other than a few consumer complaints regarding the dash cam’s aesthetics and difficulty with setting up Loop Recording, this is a perfect device for daily in-vehicle use and added safety assurance while on the road.

Product Details

Spec NameModel Spec Details
ProcessorNovatek NT96650
Image SensorCMOS (Aptina AR0330)
Resolution/Frame Rate1080p at 30fps; 720p at 60fps, 140° Viewing Angle
Low Light RecordingYes, IR LED enhances recording in low/nighttime driving
Microphone/SpeakerBuilt-in (on/off function)
Date/Time StampYes
Parking ModeNo
Video Format.MOV, AVC1 (H.264 compression)
Video OutputHDMI, USB, AV out
Power Source12V car charger, 1x built-in 300 mAH battery
MemorySupports up to 32GB microSD card, Class 6 or higher (includes 64 MB internal memory)
CompatibilityPC (Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10), Mac, Android, iOS
Display Type/SizeLCD/6.86 cm
Dimensions11.3 x 4.6 x 3.2 cm
Weight40 g

E-PRANCE G1W Unboxed

  • E-PRANCE G1W car vehicle recorder
  • In-vehicle suction mount
  • 12V power adapter lead (3.5 m)
  • 32GB microSDHC memory card*
  • Manual
  • Warranty (1-year limited)

*Depending on package option purchased

Recommended Accessories

  • Samsung 32GB, Class 6 microSDHC Memory Card
  • TRIXES Twin Socket 2 USB Port Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Dash Camera Vehicle Hardwire Kit

Company History

E-PRANCE serves as the globally-recognized name for China Prance Industrial Co. Limited’s line of electronic and digital products. Founded in 2011, E-PRANCE is dedicated to establishing themselves as an industry leader in the eCommerce world with a full host of products—from in-vehicle electronics and accessories, to mobile and PC accessories.

The forward-thinking company values innovation and technological advancement for the modern world. Moreover, consumers will appreciate the high emphasis the company places upon customer service and satisfaction through innovating, manufacturing and delivering diverse, quality-made products.

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