Best Dash Cam Under $50 in 2023 – with Quality

When you are driving, you want to be as safe as possible on the road. While there are many safety features that you can consider, having a dashcam gives you the chance to see if there is someone close to your car for safety purposes. There are many dash cams on the market today that vary in terms of prices and other features if you are looking for affordable models, we have compiled a detailed review of the best dash cam under $50.

Installing these cams not only serves as a safety measure but you can also record nice videos and show your family or friends how your trip was. Since searching for the right dashcam can be daunting, we have given you a nice guide to make your purchase process easy. Check out our top picks below.

Best Dash Cam Under $50 Reviews

Finding a quality dashcam at an affordable price can be daunting. This is because of the many products on the market. The truth is, cheap dash cams don’t necessarily mean that they perform bad. In fact, you will be surprised by the performance of the top models we have covered below considering their prices.

1. Pruveo F5 FHD 1080P Dashcam

Pruveeo F5 FHD 1080P Dash Cam

Top Features

  • Automatically writes over the old recordings when the storage space is over.
  • The memory card supports up to 32 GB hence a huge storage space.
  • It has a discrete design for effortless hiding when need be.
  • The angle lens has a wide range
  • The glass lens has six layers.
  • Constructing materials are highly durable


  • This professionally built tool has a lot of pros. To highlight a few of them include,
  • It incorporates a sturdy battery for long recording hours
  • This dashcam does not use  a cable tray hence reliable on roads
  • Pruveo dash cam has a resolution of 1080p which provides sharp and clear images
  • It features auto power-off for power saving when using it
  • The installation process is simple thus reliable during emergency cases
  • The robotic working ensures it automatically starts working when the energy turns on.


  • It is a professionally-assembled item that focuses on the user’s satisfaction. Thus, its cons are very minimal and can be done away with easily. Its cons consist of,
  • It does not consist of a Wi-Fi connection.

Currently, there is a rapid advancement in technology. With the growing technology, it is wise to purchase a tool that is wisely-crafted using the newest technology. This wise decision saves you from an obsolete item earning you the ultimate performing dash camera. The latest dashcam that incorporates the latest technology is the pruveo F5 FHD 1080p dashcam.

The discrete design of this dash cam outstands the rest. It is explicitly-designed for easy handling. Movement with such a design is not a bother. It incorporates unique parts that offer handling surfaces and super light for portability. A simple installation procedure is fully-guaranteed by its design.  Also, the discrete design makes it possible to hide the camera for secretive shooting.

Moreover, this cam can operate perfectly in low temperatures. The unique construction leaves it fitted with appropriate materials for extremely cold regions. These materials are highly durable for it to last long. The battery has a power rating of 320mah. Yet, the battery is flawlessly-equipped for both extreme cold and warm regions. Pruveo dash cam is a cam that never disappoints and conveniently has the best functionality.

2. Amuoc Dash Cam, Amuoc 1080P FHD DVR

Dash Cam, Amuoc 1080P FHD DVR

Top Features

  • This dashcam has a 3 inch LCD screen that is clear
  • It records high-level images at 30 frames per second
  • 1080p resolution for the images you need
  • Dashcam amouc incorporates the latest technology that advances its usability
  • The cam automatically switch off when not recording for power saving
  • Dashcam accelerometer is sensitive to touch, collision and any critical movement


  • The pros of this cam validate the reason as to why you should purchase. They include
  • Easy installation of the dashcam for time-saving in case of emergencies
  • The wide area range covers a large area of the road
  • The lens of this cam are technologically advanced for bright images
  • It facilitates low light recording and adjustment of light
  • Micro sd card has a storage space of 32gb


  • The battery has small capacity thus records for short durations
  • It is not effective as a backup camera because of the small display

The key factor that you should put into consideration when purchasing the dash cam is the angle of view. The larger the angle of view, the bigger the view coverage and vice versa are also true. Some of the cams cover up to 4 lanes, while others only one lane. The advantage of a four-lane covering dash cam is it takes almost every event on the road.

Dashcam amouc with a resolution of 1080p has a very wide angle of view. It covers up to 4 lanes, thus efficient for your road trips. This dash cam is explicit-designed for high performance. The lens of this cam is one of their kind. The lens consists of 6 elements that optimize its wide range of view by not only covering the car in front but also all the road.

Night vision is not a bother with this user satisfying dashcam. It has a super night vision that gives sharper images in low light places. The dashcam is robustly-fitted with a wide dynamic range technology. The WDR facilitates adjustment of cam light for efficiency bot in low and high light places. To wrap it all, this cam has unique features that are simple to use and guarantees high performance.

3. Novpeak dash cam1080p Fhd DVR car driving recorder

NOVPEAK Dash Cam 1080P FHD

Top Features

  • To highlight just a few of the Novpeak dash cam are;
  • This cam can record and display simultaneously
  • Consist of super night vision using the H.364 photography compression
  • The recording starts automatically after power supply
  • Novpeak dash cam storage is huge, and it automatically overwrites on non-essential parts
  • It has a resolution of 1080p for bright images


  • Three lens cam that covers both inside and outside of the car
  • Super wide angle of view for a large area of the recording
  • It is highly sensitive and detects when you park the car
  • This dash cam supports a 32 GB TF card for a large storage
  • Novpeak dash cam automatically stop recording after remove


  • It is not suitable for trucks
  • The TF card is available separately

While driving, your hands should always be on the wheel as your eyes focus on the road. Mainly to avoid accidents, therefore, observing your safety. If you require a dash cam while on the road, advisably purchase one that features motion detection. A motion detecting cam starts the recording when it detects motion. Which, saves you the trouble of beginning the cam when on the road

Do you need a motion-detecting dash cam? If yes then, Novpeak dash cam 1080p is here for you to purchase. This dash cam is among the powerful cams that are sturdy-equipped with a motion detection sensor. It has a display size of 4 inches and a wide-angle of view. Besides, it has a high transmission speed, which saves time.

Moreover, the three lenses of this dash cam cover outside and inside of the car. When covering outside the car, it has a broader vision to capture every activity, saving you from false accident accusations. The dash cam has components and features that are wisely incorporated to meet the user expectations

4. Dash cam 1080p, sunjoyco 4” LCD3 lens car DVR dashboard camera

Top Features

  • The display size of the screen is four inches
  • Loop recording of this cam ensures every event is precisely-captured
  • The high resolution ensures bright images are available
  • Setting up of the cam is quite simple
  • It is strongly-fitted with a motion-detecting feature which is very crucial


  • It consists of three cameras which record simultaneously
  • This dash cam conveniently records when you park the car when the key is on
  • The night vision is super bright
  • Inside the camera has a resolution of 480p and wide-angle of 120 –degree
  • It has a lithium-ion battery which is very durable


  • The battery capacity is quite small

A dash cam is essential during road trips. They greatly save you from false accident accusations. Such accusations have left people paying huge fines or ending up to jail. Also, the cam records every event on the road hence can be crucial for a memorable road trip. A dashcam should have a wide range of views and also a high resolution.

To earn yourself the best dash cam in 2019, purchase the dash cam 1080p LCD that is professionally manufactured by the sunjoyco company. It is a cam that exceptionally offers bright images and has a resolution of 1080p. Also, it has the widest angle of view of 170 degrees.

Another great feature that you will love about this dash cam is the smart G-sensor. It records your information and stores in the micro SD card. This dash cam has a night vision feature so you are not limited to recording at night. You will also enjoy recording everywhere whether it is inside your car or outside your car.

5. Nulaxy dash cam, 1080p full HD car camera

Top Features

  • It has a wide-angle of view
  • The glass has six layers; therefore, the cam provides clear images and videos
  • Huge storage space of 64gb
  • It is very versatile and works well with 12vand 24 car buses trucks and the semi-trucks
  • The design incorporates a g-sensor that detects a collision or an emergency
  • Nulaxy cam has a broader view for zero blind spots


  • Works on a temperature range of -40f to 1580f hence convenient for extreme temperatures
  • Facilitates loop recording hence records even when the storage space runs out
  • The cam covers up to 4 lanes of the road
  • It is compatible with a power bank or the car charger hence charging is not a bother
  • This cam has a super night vision


  • You require a backup for the old recordings to avoid losing them
  • Does not support Wi-Fi connection

Storage space is a critical feature in a dash cam. If you need to go for long recording sessions, then you require a dash cam that has a large storage space. Some of the cameras write over the old recordings to facilitate the new recordings. Unfortunately, it is hard to get a cam that has a large storage space and yet perfect functionality.

Nulaxy dash cam is among the few cams that support large storage and still have the perfect functioning.  It supports a 64 GB micro SD card and automatically overwrites the old recordings when the storage is over. The screen length is wide enough for sharp and realistic images. The glass has six layers to avoid the blind spots hence very reliable.

The feature that outstands in this dash cam is its sensitivity. The Sony sensor quickly detects an emergency accident and when you park the car. It is powerfully-fashioned for harsh conditions and bright images in night vision. Additionally, all its features are unbeatable and offer a smooth working environment.

Final Thoughts

Dash cams are important for vehicle owners. In fact, in some places, the law requires drivers to install dash cams. You don’t have to spend a lot of maoney to get a functional dash cam. Even with a low budget, you can get the best dash cam under 50 dollars and enjoy safety on the road among other benefits.

The above dash cams are great and their resolution is on another level. The cams have perfect craftsmanship evident in their designs. Some of the designs are discrete for unnoticeable recording. Constructing materials are highly durable to ensure the cams withstand harsh conditions. Images from these cams are flawless, sharper and clearer. User satisfaction is the center of focus in its construction. Thus leaves its construction blemish-free, which makes them worth your fortune.