Can I Get A Car Insurance Discount With A Dash Cam?

Dash cams have become very popular in the UK for the last couple of years. In fact, they are a good way to prove an accident was not your fault and can also make you save money on your car insurance premiums. Let’s be honest everyone wants money off, but how can you get a car insurance discount with a dash cam?

Insurance providers believe that drivers who have a dashboard camera in their vehicle are more likely to drive cautiously and thus have less accidents. It’s also a useful device to protect you from fraudulent insurance claims. So many of them now offer insurance discounts for the drivers who have a dash cam permanently fitted in their car.


Which Insurance Providers Will Offer You A Car Insurance Discount With A Dash Cam?

Right now, only four insurance providers offer discounts for dashboard cams owners in the UK.

  • AXA offers a 10% discount off car insurance, for direct new and renewing customers with a dash cam. This discount excludes cover options and you have to send them a video footage on request.
  • Swiftcover offers the same 10% discount for new and renewing customers. They also give a 12.5% discount if you choose a Nextbase Dashcam, but this discount is only granted to direct new customers. Check out the full Swiftcover terms here.
  • At RAC, you can save £30 on your car insurance, only if you have a RAC insurance approved dash cam, bought from their shop. This offer will only apply to new customers, on their annual insurance premium, for the first year, and will not apply at renewal.
  • At Adrian Flux, you can get up to 15% discount on your insurance, provided you own one of the 53 dashboard cameras listed here.

There are only four providers for the moment that offer a car insurance discount with a dash cam, but other insurance companies are debating as to whether or not offer a similar discount, so you should call your current insurance provider and ask them if they offer a discount yet, or if they plan on doing so and when.



Car Dashboard Camera Insurance Discount ConclusionIf you’re planning to purchase and fit a dash cam in your vehicle to avoid fraudulent insurance claims and to save money on your premiums, do some research to check which provider might offer you the perfect discount that matches your needs and don’t forget to read their conditions, as some insurers only offer you these discounts with specific insurance approved dash cams. Remember, drive safe!



To find your perfect camera check out our best dash cam guide.



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